sabato 28 maggio 2011

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My first small article in english - red ant -

Today, I begin a new adventure, I want build a colony of red ant at home for study your behaves.
I go to my garden and I take a sample a colony of red ant and i take all in the new word. My colony is all build of object that i find at home: case of ice-cream, bottle of water and a old hose.
I take a small case for water and food. I use a blotting paper because the red ant drink about that.
Red ant don't escape of first case of ice-cream, but i hope that him escape in the next days.
In the next days i take a new bottle that will serve to red ant about dumping.
I will take the first case of ice-cream for put a new group of red ant harvesting in my garden, for increase my colony. I use only red ant.
In the next days I will change dumping because I want put a small dummy tree, a small home, and do a wonderful dumping.
In the next month, i will chamge a colony, because i do a wonderful word with tree, a grass ecc.
I take all news in my blog.